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Dynamics SL add-on solutions can enhance your business processes to save time, further efficiency to save money and help avoid costly mistakes, and empower your team to take your business to new heights — and with these exclusive Dynamics SL add-on discounts, you can make 2018 your best year yet. 

Choose your Dynamics SL individual add-ons for 20% off, or select one of the Holiday Bundles below to receive 25% off the total product and service price now through December 21. Take a look at these spectacular, money-saving offers: 

25% off Bundles

Our Dynamics SL Holiday Bundles give you the tools and industry-leading service you need to enhance your business process, all at 25% off!



​GL Bundle

​AP Bundle 

​AR Bundle
​Bundle solutions:

​Quick Find (core 4), Prepaid Processor, Period to Post Lock and Journal Entry Description Changer

​AP Document Maintenance Plus, AP Void Check Plus, and Vendor Multi-Remit

​AR Collections, AR Customer Change Merge, and AR Doc Maintenance plus
​Bundle service:
​4 hours test and live, 3 hours training if needed

​4 hours test and live, 4 hours training if needed.
​4 hours test and live, 3 hours training if needed.
​Bundle savings:
​Total Bundle:  $5117.40 
DISCOUNTED PRICE (25% off) = $3,838.05
​Total Bundle:  $4492.30 
DISCOUNTED PRICE (25% off) = $3,369.23
​Total Bundle:  $4533.30  
DISCOUNTED PRICE (25% off) = $3,399.98

20% off Single Solutions

  • Quick Find
  • Prepaid Processor
  • Period to Post Lock 
  • Journal Entry Description Changer
  • AP Document Maintenance Plus
  • AP Void Check Plus
  • Vendor Multi-Remit
  • AR Collections
  • AR Customer Change Merge
  • AR Doc Maintenance Plus

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