​​AEC Industry Focus: Are Your Systems Ready for Global Expansion?​


The engineering and construction industry continually faces growing project complexities, fragmented business and processes, changing regulatory environments, increased risk in project execution, changing owner expectations, and changes in technology. These challenges get amplified as companies go global or enter new markets.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an essential component of any globalization strategy. As companies increasingly expand their reach and presence around the world, many are doing so with the help of a single fully integrated global enterprise resource​ planning solution that can support their global operations. 

Our n​ew​ whitepaper, AEC Industry Focus: Are Your Systems Ready for Global Expansion?, provides some insights into the benefits of a single integrated Global ERP solution and some key decisions you need to consider if you have global operations, including:

  • How a consolidated view of your global operations can impact your bottom line
  • A better way to navigate the regulatory and tax requirements in different locales
  • Key decision points to consider before you choose a solution​


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