​Contract revenue recognition - There's an Easy Way

Using AXIO's GAAP compliance capability powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX, you have the ability to manage your revenue recognition schedule in a few simple clicks. Recognize revenue for all projects on the same day or schedule certain contracts to be recognized later. Watch the 2 minute video below to learn how AXIO powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX can make the recognition process a little bit easier.

SBS Group's AXIO Enterprise Solutions are tailored for businesses with multi-currency, multi-taxation and multi-entity needs. The solutions are implemented directly on Dynamics AX, Microsoft's flagship ERP. Dynamics AX is architected for the cloud and delivers the power and intelligence of the next generation of cloud computing in an enterprise-class business application to people and organizations worldwide.


Discover why AXIO powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX is the right solution for your business!

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