‚ÄčIncrease Profitability with the Right Mix of Projects and Resources

Projects are the life-blood of professional services firms. The problem is sometimes too many projects can sink a professional service firm. Enter portfolio and resource management. All top performing professional services firms know those two tactics can help them make decisions that set them apart from the competition.

Effective portfolio and resource management translates to greater revenue growth, higher revenue per employee, better project margins, fewer project overruns;,higher billable utilization and significantly better overall margins.

AXIO Enterprise Solutions powered by Microsoft Dynamics AX utilizes the power of the best enterprise ERP solution in the industry with the intricacies of a solution built exclusively for professioal services firms. Built for companies with multi-language, multi-entity, multi-taxation and multi-currency needs, AXIO can help your business find that right mix of projects and resources to maximize profitablility.

You want to stand out from your competitors.

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