Distribution Companies - A Business Intelligence Solution Just for You

BI360 from Solver helps distribution companies make better decisions and improve their business. Distribution companies can capitalize on key insights to allow for better inventory management, order transactions and see where resources are allocated improperly or wasted.

Business Intelligence Infographic.png 

​BI360 provides modern tools to automate planning, financial reporting and analytical processes. Additionally, BI360 establishes performance metrics related to key operational areas such as sales, inventory, distribution centers, and ratings for customers and suppliers.

Integrated directly with Microsoft Excel, BI360 gives you the familiarity and flexibility you need in a business intelligence solution.

Distribution companies with BI360 can:

  • Reduce costs and improve administrative business processes
  • Increase accountability
  • Identify trends, track progress and continuously evaluate performance
  • And much more!

Download BI360 for Distribution Companies White Paper to learn more!