Business Intelligence for Professional Services Companies...Pick the Right Solution

Professional Services Companies retain a lot of customer information. With so many customers, service requests and order transactions, there can be a lot of data out there floating around. While that data may seem insignificant on its own, when combined and analyzed, trends and insights emerge. However, there is a reason why companies do not see these trends: they do not pick the right business intelligence solution. A bad business intelligence solution can be even worse than not having one at all, since a bad solution could give you incorrect trends and analytics.

BI360 from Solver is the right solution. Like its name suggests, BI360 gives you a 360-degree view of your business' data and analytics. From reporting to budgeting, to practical dashboards and a data warehouse, BI360 has your professional service company covered. BI360 combines Microsoft Excel with real-time ERP access giving you familiarity and flexibility while using the solution. You have control everywhere you go, at any time, with a modern Web Portal and Mobile apps.

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