Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

You back up your data. Everything you need is stored on a back-up server or on your tapes locked away in a fireproof vault. (Are you sure it's fireproof? Or does Dan just take it home on the weekends?) Those fires, hurricanes, floods and cyber attacks you see on TV could never happen to you and your business. Everything will be fine...

Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Things happen; natural disasters happen. The when and where are uncontrollable. If a disaster hits your business, your data could be gone. By gone, we mean completely gone with no assurance of finding it again. And the data? It's not just any old data, it's the important stuff: client information, financial information, employee records, and IT infrastructure. This is not something you want to have to deal with after your business and community are turned upside down. You want your critical data to be easily accessible in moments like these.

66% of businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan. They think the disaster will not happen to them.

Let's ask an important question... What if it does?

Download our data sheet to learn more about Disaster Recovery and how SBS Group can help protect your business from things that are out of your control.


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