Sell Better and Faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales

In the market for a CRM solution? According to Gartner, Dynamics 365 is a top two CRM solution on the market. What separates Dynamics 365 for Sales from its competitor? Dynamics 365 for Sales is more flexible and has a lower cost!

Dynamics 365 for Sales is powerful enough to make an immediate positive impact on your sales team and your bottom line while still being nimble enough to grow as a solution as your company grows. This means that you can implement what you need now; then as time passes and your company expands, you can add additional features and functionalities. Your sales staff will leverage features such as lead prioritization, relationship health, email intelligence, social selling, sales effectiveness, opportunity management and much more! Your sales reps will be able to uncover revenue opportunity they didn't recognize previously, perfect the close and master the follow-up (leading to more revenue).

Why Choose SBS Group?

SBS Group has over 25 years of CRM experience across a wide variety of industries - we've seen almost everything. Furthermore, our RightPath RapidValue solution sets us apart from our competitors just like Dynamics 365 for Sales is set apart from its competitors. The RightPath RapidValue solution utilizes web-based wizards which provide your business a customized solution without the added time commitment and expensive customization process. Even better, as mentioned previously, our RightPath RapidValue solution allows your business to leverage the features and functionalities that you need right away. You can always add extended features and functionalities as you need them.

To review, RightPath RapidValue Dynamics 365 for Sales offers:

  • an industry leading CRM solution
  • lower cost
  • faster implementation
  • customized training
  • an opportunity to impact your bottom line quicker

Want to learn more about RightPath RapidValue Dynamics 365 for Sales?

Download our RightPath RapidValue overview and contact us to get started. This could be the solution that ignites your sales team and takes your company to new heights!

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