Your expectations should match your reality.

expectations reality.jpgYour kitchen needs an upgrade, so you select a contractor. There are two major factors in that decision: the duration and budget of the project. You want the project to be affordable and done relatively quickly. However, you start hearing from your contractor about postponed installations and an expanded budget...that's not you wanted. The constant sound of hammering in your house is maddening. It's even worse because your new kitchen isn't any better than your old one. What a complete waste of time, money, effort and patience.

ERP implementations can be similar. You want the proposed scope and budget of the project to be met. Of course, sometimes things happen, but you may be shocked just how far ERP implementations go over duration and over-budget...

Are you worried this could happen to you?

Many organizations report that their implementations run over cost and over duration. What they were expecting is not what they received.

See how SBS Group and our AXIO Enterprise Solutions stack up against other implementations.


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