​Is an Agile Supply Chain the Right Model for Your Organization?


Supply chain agility has received increasing attention as markets have become more dynamic and companies must contend with shorter product cycles and volatile demand patterns.

A major problem in most traditional supply chains is the limited visibility of real demand. Because traditional supply chains tend to be extended with multiple levels of inventory between the point of production and the final marketplace, they tend to be forecast driven rather than demand driven.

Agile supply chains, on the other​ hand, are all about enabling visibility of the supply chain from end-to-end. They reflect the ongoing demand in the final marketplace in as close to real-time as possible. Get started on creating a competitive advantage by learning more about agile supply chains:

  • 4 key components of agile supply chains
  • Characteristics of organizations with successful agile supply chains
  • Challenges of transforming your supply chain from traditional to agile

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