Go From "Cost Center" To "Profit Center"

field service warehouse.pngThe more profit the better, right? Of course! The problem for field services organizations is that they have a lot of costs - and can easily become "cost centers". It's time to turn your field service organization back into a "profit center"!

A ‘cost center’ is a division of a company mostly tied to, well, costs. Examples tend to include departments like Human Resources or IT. They are necessary to have, cost money, and don’t directly have control over the revenue they generate. In many contexts, ‘field service’ divisions have operated like this for years.

A ‘profit center’ deals with revenue and has some control over the revenues and profits it can generate.

10 Ways To Make Your Field Service Organization a Profit Center

10. Treat service as a business line.

In order to be a profit center, service needs to be treated as one.

9. Don't give away free service.

Yes, you want to grow your business and build relationships, but you need to protect your bottom line as well.

8. Use your techs as marketers and salespeople.

Techs usually know the most about the products/services needed. The customer often times trusts them more than a sales rep. Use that to your advantage.

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