​Contemplating a Field Service Solution?

Got your eyes on a field service management solution, but having trouble convincing key decision-makers at your firm? You need to build a strong case in order to convince them to invest in a field service management solution. Look no further than here to help you make that case.

Make the Case

Luckily for you, the market is changing. In the past, it wasn't necessary to invest in field service management solution because it only marginally impacted revenue growth. Today, customer service drives revenue growth, making field service management that much more important. Now, an investment in a field service management solution is an investment to increase revenue substantially. Who doesn't want more revenue?


​Next, you may want to bring up the increasing importance of mobile capability. After all, the best field agents are always on the go helping new customers. Field Service Management from Microsoft allows you to optimize the time of those field agents while tracking their activities. Eventually, you will have enough data to study tendencies and discover where agents (and the firm) can improve operations.

how else can you make the case?

Download the "Making the Case for a Field Service Management Solution" white paper from Microsoft to learn how you can convince key decision-makers to invest in Field Service Management from Microsoft.