​​Microsoft Dynamics CRM online for SMB. 

Faster, easier, cheaper.​


Lower your deployment costs.

Instead of facing a CRM deployment of unknown costs, our fixed model cost solves one of the biggest issues with CRM deployments: scope creep.

Non-complicated CRM.

SBS Group's RapidStart provides a clear, known result, and higher adoption rates. Our guided process provides a clear roadmap that simplifies setup, and makes CRM easy. Need role-based security? You got it! Need to pump in your existing data? Done! It all takes place on our deployment portal.

Get the Entities and Fields you need with just 2 hours of consultation. We'll take it from there.

The key to a successful CRM deployment is modifying the relevant entities to include the information you need to capture and track. With just 2 hours of consultation, you get your CRM working the way you need it to. 

​Standard Implementation Approach

​SBS Group's RapidStart for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online​​​

​Initial Analysis and Design​Wizard Driven Analysis and Design
Standard ​System ConfigurationImport Contact, Account, Lead and Opportunity data
​Import Contact, Account, Lead and Opportunity data​Custom Ribbon and Navigation
​Standard Ribbon and Navigation​Custom Business Process flow to streamline sales process
​Standard Business Process flow​Add up to 20 users through the back end interface and portal
​Add up to 20 users through the back end interface and portal​Project Management
​Project Management​Training
​Training​Video Self Help Portal
> ​$17,350 and 5-8 days​> As little as $7,000 and 2 days*

​*Plus additional cost for licensing. Contact us for a custom price quote.​​

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Finally. The robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, with the simplicity of SBS Group's RapidStart implementation. 

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