​Join us at our complimentary Post Convergence Executive Event to learn about exciting new capabilities to help your company become more agile, improve performance, drive more revenue, and grow. This year, we are introducing a new session to our agenda:

Special Executive Session: Why Strategy Execution Unravels—and What to Do About It

The majority of SBS customers have a clear understanding of business strategy and most have a formal methodology and process for strategic planning. Few, however, possess the process and tools to effectively translate that strategy into results. During this session, we'll highlight the top challenges to strategic execution and introduce E3, our new solution for making strategy work. 

E3 is the first integrated, open platform designed specifically for business plan execution. E3 provides C-level executives with visibility and insight, enables middle managers with focus and direction, and empowers front-line employees with a clear understanding of their place in achieving company objectives.

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