CRM RapidStart for NAV

2 hours and 2 days to guaranteed CRM success!​

SBS Group's RapidStart CRM provides our customers with a fast, low-cost method to get their organization up and running with Dynamics CRM online. The RapidS​​tart CRM solution spotlights the essential functions of Dynamics CRM Online without bogging you down with advanced capabilities as you get started.

Uncover Revenue Opportunity - A pipeline is built through more calls that result in more opportunities. Do you have ​a CRM system that al​lows you to efficiently make more sales calls?
Perfect the Close - One key to more sales is a simple sales process that covers all the right steps before trying to close. Do you have a CRM system that helps you with the closing process?

Master Follow Up - Follow up is nearly impossible without a system to pan follow-up activities. Do you have a CRM system that enables thorough sales follow up?​​​