​​Technology-Driven Enhancements to Help Your Growing Business

​​​​​​As recently as three or four years ago, it was an intriguing idea that was debated but rarely acted on: that field services can be run as profit centers. That landscape has since changed, with growing businesses differentiating themselves from the competition with the right use of technology.

Investing in the right technology solution designed specifically for your company can help you to:​

  • Change service from a cost center into a profit center
  • Harness the power of mobility to optimize your employee's performance
  • Centralize management software, tasks and data
  • Report and forecast to drive crucial decisions​​​
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In 2013, according to the Service Council Report of Field Service, an overwhelming 68% of respondents i​ndicated that they were in fact managing field service as a profit center, and 72% expected these departments not to simply drive new, untapped revenues, but to be profitable in the next year.​​


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