​ERP Implementations: Battle Between Expectations and Reality

"You can't handle the truth." - Colonel Nathan Jessup (Jack Nicholson), A Few Good Men

Is the famous line from Jack Nicholson true? If yes, you might want to stop reading.

ERP Implementations are substantial and significant projects for your business. As you know, they should not be taken lightly and handled carelessly. A bad ERP implementation can cripple your business. So, you should make sure you know the truth about ERP implementations.

Two of the more important factors in an ERP implementation are the cost of the implementation and the project duration. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself regarding these two factors:



  • Is the budgeted cost proposal accurate?
  • Will there be additional costs during implementation?
  • Does the total cost reflect market value?




  • Will the implementation be done on time?
  • What could push back the end date?
  • How will the project length impact my business?

If you can't answer these questions, you need to know the truth.

Download the "Expectations and Reality for ERP Implementation" infographic.

Download Infographic.png 

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