Take dynamics CRM to the next level

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Dynamics CRM has evolved, and with the transformation comes a new name, Dynamics 365 for Sales. The significantly enhanced CRM was built to revamp the way you connect to customers and prospects.

For Dynamics CRM users, upgrading means empowering your salespeople to provide their best work from anywhere with cloud-first, mobile-first technology, better insights, integration with more products and applications such as Social Engagement, a business-centric architecture for customer experiences that set you apart, and much more. 

Is upgrading worth the hassle?

Yes. Dynamics 365 for Sales was specifically designed to revolutionize your operations and provide superior productivity and efficiency with the most advanced technology in CRM platforms to date. The out-of-the-box functionality will also reduce implementation and upgrade costs.

Download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales fact sheet to learn more ways Dynamics 365 for Sales can enhance your business.

Download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales guide