The Microsoft Cloud for Residential Homebuilders and Construction Firms

cloud mobile devices.pngCloud technology is more present now than ever before. People have flocked to use cloud technology on their phones, gaming consoles, laptops and more. Cloud technology has made data storage and sharing extremely accessible and fairly affordable for the common person on their iPhone or Android, and it can pose similar benefits for your business.

Is switching to cloud technology worth it?

Yes. More and more companies are moving their business systems and practices to the cloud. Office 365 has become the main productivity suite of choice for business around the world - enabling their mobile workers to access and share key information no matter where they are in the world. The next step for most businesses is moving their ERP solution to the cloud. Understandably, this is a more complex decision and migration. However, the Microsoft Cloud gives residential homebuilders and construction firms a better and more manageable option. 

What makes the Microsoft Cloud different than other cloud technology?

1. Simplified Security & User Administration
The Microsoft Cloud leverages the same security and licensing models as other Microsoft solutions and services leading to increased clarity in data security and
access management.

2. Privacy
Your data is safe with Microsoft. You are the sole owner of your data; owning the rights, title and the interest of the data. Your data will not be mined for advertising.

3. Interoperability & Native Integration
Office 365Dynamics 365 and Power BI are all designed to work seamlessly together. This gives you a smooth user experience and increased productivity.

4. Familiar Technology & Controls
Touching on user experience again, the goal of the Microsoft Cloud is to give the user a consistent experience throughout all apps and services.

5. Always the Latest Version
Microsoft doesn't forget about the technology you have! Updates are regularly made to increase functionality and operability.


Download "The Complete Guide to the Microsoft Cloud for Residential Homebuilders and Construction Firms" white paper to discover how the Microsoft Cloud can power your business into the future.