Resource Management


Resource Management 1.JPGDepending on the type of projects being managed in IPM, there may be a need to record resource usage. Resources can be people classified as employees, materials or equipment and IPM Timesheet functionality facilitates the recording of resource hours by resource and day of the​ week. Timesheets can be sorted by either resource or job and can be copied from week to week. Users can also complete their own individual Timesheets in the My Timesheets section, which can then be grouped together with other Timesheet entries to create Timesheet batches for the job.​

Rate tables can be configured to associate a cost with the resource and these rates can vary from project to proejct. The rate table associated with a project is nominated on the project record in IPM job setup. The Timesheet information has up to two levels of approval to allow project managers and accounting staff to separately approve the entries and Timesheets can be expored to payroll systems once approved.

Materials Handling

With IPM's material handling tools, you know where materials ordered for your site are at every step of the delivery process to keep you informed, help you manage your schedule, and ensure every job runs smoothly. Material receipts and shipmentscan also be created for materials from different purchaseo rders and on any number of jobs so you can track all materials in a particular shipment, regardless of the job they are required for.

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