All businesses share a common goal: to create more revenue-driving opportunities. But with all of the data in your CRM, email, and team calendars, it can be difficult to keep your customer and prospect records up to date, until now. SBS SalesConnect 365 for Dynamics 365 for Sales searches your company's email and calendar system to retrieve relevant data about your customers and prospects and presents that information as actionable insights. Here's how SalesConnect365 can create more opportunities, improve close ratios, and drive more revenue:

Never Miss a Word

Your sales and customer service team no longer need to manually enter data and associated activities with contacts, leads, accounts, or opportunity records. All past and future meeting, engagement, and communication information is displayed in an intuitive dashboard, enabling your teams to better identify and connect with high potential customers.

Improve Customer Interactions

SalesConnect 365 identifies customer buying behaviors and measures the strength of your customer relationships, allowing your team to better understand their preferences and create a more engaging experience for them, ultimately creating and converting more opportunities.

Let Your Sales Team Sell

Taking away the burden of (attempting) to enter all prospect and customer data into Dynamics 365 empowers your team to spend more time in front of your customers, actually selling. With the chance to act on more opportunities, you can accurately assess your sales team's effectiveness and make adjustments to improve your close ratios.


Interested in learning more of the ways you can enhance your CRM with SalesConnect 365? Download the complete SalesConnect 365 informational guide.

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