You're only as good as your weakest link, and for your sales team, that link is your CRM. Emails, team calendars, and customer and prospect records are loaded with valuable data that simply sits there until your sales people tell your CRM what to do with it. SalesConnect 365 for Dynamics 365 for Sales uses machine learning to intelligently search your company's email and calendar to retrieve relevant data about your customers and prospects, identify customer buying behaviors, highlight high-potential customers, and presents the information as actionable insights. Here's how joining the SalesConnect 365 Early Adopter program can transform your business, for less:




between email, calendar and Dynamics 365


into account relationships and communications


of all email and calendar data


driving unprecedented insights



Early Adopter Program 

By joining now, you'll receive exlusive benefits including:

  • Free implementation
  • Free configuration
  • Expert support
  • A CRM that empowers your sales team to do what they do best ... sell!
  • Customer data accessible from anywhere, at any time on the SalesConnect cloud
  • and much more!


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