ERP Solution for AV System Integrators

Designed to support the needs of organizations that must combine equipment, material, a variety of labor services and service contracts​, SBS Group's solution for AV System Integrators provides all the functionality for AV integrators including ​project management & accounting, estimating & reporting, order & contract management, inventory management and field services in a single system, powered at its core by Microsoft Dynamics ERP technology. ​

​​​With over 25 years of experience, SBS has helped some of the leading Audio Visual companies in the nation, including members of System Contracting News Top 50 System Integrators List. ​​​​

Read our case study​, view the full feature and functionality set below, and contact us today for your AV Systems Integrators ERP implementation, consulting, or support.​

​A fully integrated, configurable, enterprise-class system designed specifically for AV Systems Integrators

Struggling with the limited functionalities of tools like Quickbooks, ConnectWise, and other ERP platforms that require extensive customizations and integrations to do what you need to run your business? 

SBS Group's pre-configured solution for AV integrators provides a full feature set of functionalities in a single system that requires no customization. Plus, it integrates document management, eliminates manual spreadsheet manipulation, provides powerful mobile capabilities and can scale to grow with your business. Deploy on-premise or in ​​the Cloud - the choice is yours.​​​

​​​​​​​ Handle design builds and contracts in a single system.

​​Support "hang and bangs" and design builds in one, cohesive system. Handle single instance and multi-phased contracts seamlessly - roll up smaller contacts into one master contract, using the smaller contracts as the billing vehicle. ​ As a total turnkey solution, Dynamics SL for AV Integrators centralizes the many separated projects into a single repository providing visibility and real-time data for project managers, warehouse workers, owners and other key executives.

​ Reduce inventory, capital requirements and margin loss.

​​With integrated, complete supply chain management optimized for AV integrators, you benefit from reduced inventory and capital requirements. Run a smooth supply chain with our flexible estimating module and reduce margin loss through closed loop procurement processes.

​​ Report and optimize rates in real-time.

​​​Connect the dots and move your business forward with a system that encompasses accounting, project management and inventory control. Eliminate silos of information and costly rekeying of data. Gain better visibility into your business with real-time reporting - report project profitability on demand, or view a breakdown of labor by skill labor to optimize your rates.

​ Seamlessly integrated. Quick to deploy. Scalable.

Our pre-configured solution requires no customization to get you up and running quicker. With additional benefits including integrated document management, powerful mobile capabilities and the option to deploy in the cloud or in your data center, our solution enables you to scale and grow your business.

See how SBS Group's unique Audio Visual/System Integrator solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics SL can enhance how you manage your projects, inventory, finances, resources, and more. 

For pricing, consul​ting, or for more information about SBS Group's AV Solution for Systems Integrators, contact us today.​

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