Non-Durable Goods Distribution

Non-durable goods and wholesale distributors must deal with low receivables and payables due to rapid inventory turnover and struggle to improve common objectives such as inventory turns, order fulfillment rates, cycle times, and charge backs. As operations become more complex with ever-changing customer requirements, wholesale distribution companies need to focus on tighter synchronization of business processes throughout the supply chain and across the entire organization.

SBS Group offers wholesale distribution software to assist clients by:​

Reducing inefficient processes. Simplifying shelf-life management and customer-specific requests with accounting, warehousing, and procurement applications.
Building connections to suppliers and vendors. Enabling collaborative product availability, engineering specifications, and pricing information from supplier to customer.
Improving order fulfillment and accuracy. Optimizing product placement to increase work-force efficiency, boost fulfillment rates, reduce cycle time, and eliminate user-error and charge backs.
Implement flexible processes. Efficiently deliver on customer demnds such as specific packaging, marking, and shipping requirements.
Develop profitable customer relationships. React more quickly to constantly-changing customer demands.
Provide more value to customers. Respond faster to service issues by delivering the right answers to customers in real time.

At SBS Group, it is our mission to provide you with the best business intelligence software, CRM, or ERP for wholesale distribution. Take a look at what we can do for your business in our case study videos below.