Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

SBS Group works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to automate, efficiently plan, provide, and report their humanitarian, development, and public health activities across the globe.

We understand that these organizations must address unique and compelling challenges such as:​

• Planning and conducting complex projects spanning multiple countries, activities, time periods, and funding streams.
• Collecting data and reporting costs and results of projects based on diverse requirements established by funders.
• Managing complex global workflows between headquarters, regional, country, and project teams.
• Managing, planning, and scheduling valuable resource, personnel, across a wide range of concurrent projects with competing demands.
• Operating in resource-limited areas that have low bandwidth, low availability, and intermittent availability.

Collecting and reporting integrated global, regional, and program data and yet also securing data visibility by user, office, team, project, program, and country is critical. NGOs require specific functionality that addresses routine items including provisional rates; in kind contributions, funder obligation carryover, multiple funding streams, and such functionalities that are not typically part of off the shelf financial/ERP applications.