The project based nature of these organizations bring unique challenges including optimizing resources so the right people are in the right job at the right time. Enancing project execution and delivery is key to achieving profitability on every project. In addition, professional services often work through virtual teams to achieve te best results for the client, requiring world-class tools that provide ready and secure access to critical information needed for effective decision making and building strong client relationships.

Professional services companies benefit from a wide range technology solutions aimed at:

• Optimizing processes through integrated systems for easy access to critical project data as needed for business development, project management, and financial reporting
• Efficiently tracking project progress, employee time and expenses to expedite billing
• Turning data into actionable metrics and benchmarks

SBS Group has over 20 years of experience developing professional services solutions in the areas of financials, project management, marketing and business development, resource planning, and business intelligence.  Our consultants have first-hand industry experience to complement our technical team and ensure a successful project.

Our customers include:

• Architecture & engineering firms
• IT consultants and system integrators
• Management consultants
• Technical and scientific consultants
• Business service providers
• Advertising and marketing firms
• Government contractors​