Process Manufacturing

Vicinity Manufacturing has been designed from the ground up to meet the business challenges unique to process manufacturers. With Vicinity, manufacturers can pinpoint specific problems and opportunities within product lines, manufacturing processes, distribution networks and marketplaces.

We make it easier for you to synchronize your strategic plans with manufacturing execution.  In environments where R & D budgets are decreasing, regulatory pressures are higher than ever, and globalization becomes a defining point for your business, our experience makes the difference.  

As a result of this focus, SBS Group already understands your business and requirements.  From the very beginning, SBS Group will not ask you to explain why you need to use weight and volume, what is a MSDS or Certificate of Analysis.  Instead we will discuss how we have helped others implement chemical or food manufacturing solutions and solved their pains.

Selecting a new ERP software package is a major decision for most organizations.  Not only is it an investment of time and money, but also the fate of your company can rest on your ultimate decision. 

Our software solutions are already in place at a multitude of different industries.  More than likely, someone in your same industry is already using one of our solutions.  SBS Group understands the products we sell. We can tailor them for your company and train your staff on how to run them.  Let our knowledgeable staff help you to get the right solution for your organization and begin to experience how the right process manufacturing software can make a difference for you.

Contact SBS Group today and learn how our Vicinity Manufacturing services and support can enhance your business.